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About Us - Dverman - The Door specialist
  • Zavolajte nám: +421 911 096 646
  • About Us

    DVERMAN – door specialist is a commercial – assembly project covered by The Dverman, s.r.o. with its registered office in Senec. The author of the project and the owner of the company is me.

    Let me introduce myself.

    My name is Julius Gyalog. I have been in business since 2002. After years of collecting experience as a sole trader, I am in r. In 2012 he founded the company Doorrman, s.r.o. Doors have become my hobby and profession. I have personally installed hundreds of door elements, different types and structures. As from 1 January 2004, 2015 I permanently employ min. 1 full-time technician and occasionally several outsiders. I try to pass on to my employees and clients the maximum information and experience of my practice. Advise or suggest the right solution. Save unnecessary costs and simplify maintenance and future service.

    We deal with internal and external doors, technical and special (fireproof, noiseproof, safety, etc.), wooden, plastic, steel. To do this, of course, a variety of accessories and accessories. Our customers are ordinary consumers, large trading companies, to whom we provide professional assembly service, industrial and manufacturing companies, construction companies, investors or designers. To keep up with the times, I also run an e-shop www.bieledvere.sk.


    In the portfolio of suppliers we also have brands Solodoor (CZ), CAG (CZ), TopStep (CZ), Sepos (CZ), Hörmann (DE), ADOR (CZ) and our manufacturers such as ATVYN or Kovodružstvo Bratislava, or smaller carpentry workshops for special orders. We trade them directly, without an intermediary or other distributor. We regularly receive professional, product and assembly training and are a certified assembly partner of our suppliers.

    We do not directly produce any products. Well, I plan for the future. Already today we offer kustomized products of our suppliers, which we have improved based on our experience or customer requirements. And they are produced only for us and our clients directly by producers of original products.

    As I have indicated above, in the future I plan to produce some parts or whole ensembles of door elements. I follow trends, listen to customers, improve assembly procedures and improve standard elements. There’s no need to always re-invent everything. A lot of good things are already there, I’m looking for them and I’m making them new and even better.

    I believe that if you choose us, you will be satisfied with our work, hopefully forgive us for minor delays and minor shortcomings that we try to avoid in every way possible. But we’re just people, just like you.